Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party at Conner Prairie

Mommy and her cowboys.
The big cowboy loves his littlest brother so!

Checking each other out.
He looks so cute.
He really wants a rope like a cowboy, here he was practicing. Needless to say he is not getting a rope:).
He was so excited to poke holes in the pumpkin and add feathers and pipe cleaners.
Great Job!
He loves Miss Mary.
The room is always decorated so cute with so much for the kids to do.
A little hokey pokey fun.
Parker liked the music.
Mimi and her pal.
Coop enjoyed his snack.
Mimi and the little boys were waiting for Baylor and I in the parking lot at school after the party so we could head to Conner Prairie. We went for the Halloween Party and the boys both wore their cowboy outfits. Cooper kept saying Yeehaw over and over again, he really gets into his costumes. There were so many kids signed up today for the Halloween party that their were two groups and we rotated rooms. The boys got to decorate a little pumpkin with lots of fun things. They also made a candy corn magnet. Miss Mary read a book and we sang some Halloween songs. We also had snack and then did some singing and dancing with Mr. Jim. At the end the kids all went trick or treating in all the offices at Conner Prairie. It was a behind the scenes tour! We went to the apple store for the final time of the season. We all got a caramel apple and a slush and Mimi got us an apple pie to enjoy for the weekend.

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