Friday, October 8, 2010

Hollywood Studios

We love this parade!
Strawberry bar, yummy!
Mom and I sat in the back.
Pop and Baylor were our drivers.
Muppets 3D.
What fun!
Today we went to Hollywood Studios. Since we had a late night at the Halloween party we decided to sleep in a little and got to the park around 10:00 am. The first thing we did was get a fast pass for Toy Story Mania and our ride time was after 5:00pm. The line was over 90 minutes long! The boys went on Tower of Terror and tried to go on Rockin Rollercoaster but it was down all day for maintenance. Baylor was bummed but there is always next time. While Daddy, Pop, and Baylor were on the big rides I took Coop on The Great Movie Ride. We saw Indiana Jones before lunch and the boys really enjoyed the show. We did several other rides and shows and show the Block Party Parade which is so fun. We were right by the Toy Story float and the boys loved seeing Lotso and Mr. Potato Head. We ate dinner at the Sci Fi Drive In where you sit in an old car and watch a movie. It was really fun and the boys loved eating there. After dinner the park was closed so we went back to the hotel and went swimming before bed. What a fun day!

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