Monday, October 18, 2010

Baylor's First Field Trip

Baylor and Maddy
Enjoying a sack lunch.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Baylor and Mason on the hayride.
Baylor, Mason, and Maddy.
Daddy's group.
Since Jamie couldn't go on the field trip Tom was instructed to take some pictures of Maddy, he did a great job.
The whole class.
A close up of BMan.
Baylor took lots of pictures on the bus, this was by far his best shot.
Today was Baylor's first field trip to Russell Farms. It was also his very first time to ride on a school bus. Since sibling are not allowed on the field trip Daddy took the day off of work and went with him on his trip. Baylor was really excited to have Daddy go with him! Baylor was in a group with his favorite little boy in his room. Tom was happy he had Baylor and Mason because he said some groups were wild:). I sure remember field trips when I was teaching and some groups are wild! They had a great time on the trip and had so many neat things to do. They went on a hayride, got a pumpkin, saw lots of animals, made a craft, listened to a story and much more. He thought his first field trip was great!

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