Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!

Cooper, I can't believe you are three years old today. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting for you to join our family. I remember sitting in the chair upstairs with Baylor on the morning you were born wondering what you would look like and how you would fit in with our family. You were such a good baby and so quiet for your first year of life. We all fell in love with you right away! You have grown into a little boy with quite a personality. You are always talking, singing, or dancing. You think Baylor is the best thing ever and want to be just like him, but you also fight with him like crazy right now. You can't stand it when he goes to school in the morning without you! You love to play outside and like to get dirty. You love to play ball, ride bikes or ride ons, play on the swingset, and pretend. Your current favorites are being a cowboy, pirate, masked retriever, spy, or secret agent. It's hard for me to imagine you as a secret agent because you are not quiet! Somehow we always find you:). You started preschool this year and love learning new things. You always sing the songs in the car when we pick you up. You still cry sometimes when I drop you off, but you always have been pretty attached to your mom. Sometimes I think you act older than your age because of your vocabulary and all the things you do like your big brother, but there are times when you snuggle in my lap and play with my hair that make me think you are still just a baby. Cooper we are so proud of you and love you to pieces. We can't wait to watch you grow, change, and learn over the next year. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you and think you are the best!


The Gambrel Family said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!

d_freestone said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Cooper!!! I looked at last night's moon and thought of all of the times, on Siesta Key, when you would look at the moon and say, "Hi moon!" Hope you have a super duper day!