Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treating Round Two

A black cat, Lightning McQueen, and Tigger with Grandpa.
Parker let Grandpa hold him for a bit and then wanted down to explore.
Baylor loved looking at all the pictures and seeing pictures of Grandma.
Tigger was happy with the chocolate!
Baylor and Grandpa.
I remember going trick or treating here when I was a little girl. It still feels just the same!
Baylor got a dinosaur and a book.
Coop loved his Dinosaur Train dino, he loves to watch this show and sing the song over and over and over again:).
Baylor is on a big coloring and drawing kick right now. He makes us things all the time and is quite proud.
Coop got some toys out and played nicely by himself.
Pappaw and Parker.
The boys with Mammaw and Pappaw.
After a very busy night on Friday we all slept in on Saturday and had a slow morning at home. Daddy cooked breakfast and we all relaxed a little. I love Saturday mornings! Things are so nice when we don't have to rush. We got dressed up in costumes again and made a few stops during the day. First we went to Grandpa's house. He had chocolate bars for the boys and they were quite happy. He had gotten out some photo albums of old pictures and went through them with Tom and I. There were some really neat pictures. I loved the ones of him from when he was in the service, so handsome and young. It is also nice to see pictures of Grandma and for my boys to hear about her. Baylor loved seeing pictures of Pop when he was just a boy. Afterwards we ran to Sams and got lunch and then went to Mammaw and Pappaw's house. We all ate lunch together and had fun spending time there. The boys got a Halloween surprise and they were all excited. Another successful trick or treating day!

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