Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Day at Home

Making cookies.
He has just recently discovered the other side of the couch. It's a whole new world of toys.
Our finished brownies.
He's a great helper.
He's a little messy. Can you tell we didn't do his hair today. He was in desperate need of a hair cut!
All the cooking, crafting, singing, and noise wore this baby out. I love those sweet feet!
We painted paper plates and made them into pumpkin. Baylor made a few more, this is his black cat, and we added bend a roos. Cooper loves to play with bend a roos. They are so fun and so easy to clean up.
Wednesday night Cooper had a fever and just didn't feel the greatest. His fever was gone in the morning but he still didn't feel a hundred percent. It was freezing in the morning so Mimi watched the little boys while I took Baylor to school and I ran by the grocery to get things for dinner and to make during the day. Baylor had originally thought we were going to the pumpkin patch but once he found out we were making cookies and doing crafts he was fine to stay home.
We made Halloween cookies, brownies, and did some painting. The boys worked on their crafts for a long time and loved painting. I made sloppy joes for dinner which turned out pretty good. I made them in the crock pot and then we had them after we got hair cuts. It ended up being a good day at home and Cooper felt so much better.

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