Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooper's Preschool Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Blowing out his candle.
Picking from the treasure box with Mrs. Steele.
Story time.

Music time.
Today I brought birthday treats to Cooper's preschool to celebrate his birthday. He wanted to have dinosaurs on his cupcakes at school. He loves playing with dinosaurs and acting like a dinosaur right now. He really makes a great roaring sound. He also loves to watch Dinosaur Train and watches a few episodes on the morning Baylor has school and he doesn't. He was so excited to see Parker and I at school and ran right up to us. He wanted to show me his friends and his class. He helped pass out the treats and was all smiles when they sang and he got to blow out his candle. He also got to pick three surprises out of the treasure box since he is going to be three. He was quite happy! We brought treat bags with dinosaur hats, play dinosaurs, and candy. He was excited to pass them out to his friends. It was fun to be able to see Cooper at school. We even were there for story and music time which Parker loved! Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine!

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