Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Tuesday

He was happy we had Taco Bell for lunch.
Sweet boy.
Ethan was worn out from playing at church.
Proof that Coop was with us. He used up all his smiles at school for picture day.
Baylor loves Ethan!
He watches Ethan like crazy. I think he is wondering when it is his turn to get out of the stroller.
Ethan wanted out to do a little shopping.
He was picking out something for his Mommy:).
What a busy morning we had. Tuesday and Thursdays are super busy when we all have to be ready early with breakfast and Baylor and Cooper at school all before 8:45 am. Every other Tuesday is Mops which makes for an even busier morning. Cooper had picture day today so we had to make sure we were looking our best this morning. I woke up at 6:50am and thankfully we were all out of the door by 8:25am. I was really excited for Mops this morning and so excited than Jenny decided to join! She is in my group and I am so happy to have her be a part of our Mops group. It was Ethan's first time in the nursery and he did great. Since he is a big one year old he even got to go to the playland. He was worn out by the time the meeting was over! After Mops I ran to get Coop, Mimi got Baylor, and Jen and Ethan met us at home. We all went to Circle Center to do a little shopping/browsing and ate at the food court. I needed to get a few things for Tom before we leave in the morning. It was a busy but fun day and I am so ready for tomorrow. I guess I should say excited because I still need to pack!

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