Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party

I got this picture of Tom and I from Andi's blog.
Proof from the front that he really was getting into the werewolf mask.
Cohen was a werewolf and Campbell was Abby from Seaseme Street.
Baylor could not wait for the party to start. He got started on the crafts a little early.
The boys did great helping me get the little Halloween pails ready.

I look so tall next to Jamie in my cowboy boots.

Wendy and Jessie.

The Potters came as the Waldo family.

The Rohns came as Wendy, Peter Pan, and the cutest crocodile ever!

The Brown family looking good.

The Millers came as the four seasons, so creative!

The Schultz family came as Cruella, Jasper, and a cute little dalmatian.

Gigi was adorable as Alice!

Andi was the leg lamp and Baron was the fragile box from A Christmas Story.

Parker was a cute Rex.

Cooper was scared of Josh's werewolf costume, but eventually got over it and was trying to scare others.

Addi was the Mad Hatter.

The food was yummy.

Cute sweets.

We played six games and did some in the garage and some in the house.

The kids all got to decorate a little pumpkin with a sharpie.

Jack was hard at work.

Baylor was most excited about bopping for apples. He did not want to give up and kept trying again and again and he finally got an apple.

Coop tried too, he thought it was funny.

Joe and Jessica came as the lamp and box too, these couples ended up winning the costume contest along with the Four Seasons.

The only picture I have of Tom from the night. We were too busy to get a family picture. We all had a great time.

We played ring toss on witches' hats with glow necklaces. We also did pumpkin ring toss, pumpkin bowling, a beanie baby toss, and bone toss in the cauldron. The kids all did great.

There was also time for the kids to play and just have fun!

On Saturday night was our Halloween party at our house. The boys have been so excited and could not wait for their friends to come. They helped me get the favors all ready and even tried out the games before the party started. We had lots of yummy food and tasty treats. It was a costume party and everyone dressed up, there were some really original costumes. It was such a great night and so much fun!

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