Sunday, October 3, 2010

Present Time

He got new Spiderman jammies from Katie Collier and he wore them to nap and took his new elephant pillow pal.
He got Woody and Buzz jammies from Katie.
They were quite busy.
We love getting new books.
Daddy and Baylor counting his money and gift cards. That's important business!
Baylor got some new DS games and he was so excited!
A new Buzz suit.
He opened his present from Aunt Anne at church and Katie helped.
Thanks to everyone for all the presents and love you have shown our boys!
After the party we came back home to open the presents. The boys were beyond excited. When you have presents for two boys there are lots of things to open and try and keep track off! They could hardly wait. Mimi and Pop and Mammaw and Pappaw came over to watch the boys and help. The boys got so many nice presents. They got toys, books, movies, jammies, cuddlies, games, etc. They also got Disney dollars to take with us and some spending money. They are so excited. I think Baylor has already told me several ways he is going to spend his money in Disney. He could have it all gone before we get there:). They both had a wonderful day! In the car Baylor told me it was the best birthday ever and he also thanked Tom and I for a great day. It made my heart smile and all the work worth it, I sure do love these boys. I am so thankful for them! After present time it was off to nap for all of us. Everyone slept great and for a long time, we were all worn out. We stayed home and played on Saturday night with our new toys. It sure was a great day.

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