Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cooper's Special Day

So excited to go with Mimi and Pop.
Trying them out.
This is the one he picked. Pop put it together for him. It's red and big and has a cupholder!
He saw lots of things he liked along the way.
He thought he was a big deal because he got to walk, no stroller or carts on his special day.
What a great day!
In the box. Thanks Mimi and Pop.
Parker had fun playing with the balloons at home. All the partying wore him out.
Great coloring Baylor!
Mimi and Pop took Cooper this morning after breakfast for his special shopping trip. When they boys are completely potty trained they get to get a ride on of their choice from Mimi and Pop. Coop has been trained for a few months now but we were waiting on a good time to go. He wanted his own four wheeler and so they went to Toysrus to look around. He was so excited to get to go by himself. Let's just say that Baylor was so upset and crying because he wanted to go, but we went over and over that this was all about Cooper. He picked out a big red four wheeler and he was so excited. He got to play at Mimi and Pop's house after shopping and then came home before Daddy had to leave and for nap. Baylor ended up having fun at home with us. He played with Daddy and colored and read some new books with Mom. Pop put Cooper's four wheeler together and it is charging so he can ride it tomorrow. Watch out here comes Coop!