Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baylor's Birthday at Disney

The perfect hat to wear on your special day!

Happy Birthday Baylor!

Baylor we all love you and are so proud of you!

You sure are our favorite six year old!

This morning I woke up with a six year old sleeping in the bed next to me with his Mimi. He was so excited for his birthday and so happy to be six. We sang to him in our room and he was beaming. We had a fun birthday breakfast at the Polynesian with Mickey, Pluto, Stitch, and Lilo. The boys love the food there and especially like the Mickey waffles. We had a great time at breakfast and we even sang to the birthday boy. After breakfast we rode the monorail around to the hotels and went in the shops. Baylor loves the Grand Floridian and wanted to make sure to go in that gift shop. For some reason it is his favorite. His Mimi sure did spoil him on his birthday and he had several bag of treasures! After our monorail ride we headed to Downtown Disney. The boys went to the Build a Dino store in the TREX restaurant and used their gift cards from Mama and Papa that they got on their birthday. Baylor made a Woolly Mammoth and Cooper made a red dinosaur. They had so much fun making their dinosaurs. They also played in the dig site and loved showing it all to Pop. After our dinosaurs Daddy took Coop back to the room for a nap and we finished shopping around Downtown Disney. Our final stop was at the candy store where we all got a special treat. The birthday boy got a big rice krispie treat and his mommy got chocolate covered marshmallows, so delicious! Baylor had so much fun and kept telling everyone it was his realy birthday. He really did have a very happy birthday! We all went back to the room and took a rest before our big night at the Halloween party!

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