Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cooper's Preschool Halloween Party

Coop liked his snack.
The pumpkin they carved was their centerpiece, so cute!
They were all so good!
Coop's game group. They were tossing bones into the cauldron. We had three different games for them to rotate through.
Parker was into everything.
Coop was excited to give Mrs. Steele her Halloween present.
They made a spider web and colored wooden ornaments. They did great on their crafts.
They all got to help scoop out the inside of the pumpkin.
Great little singers.
Today was Cooper's preschool Halloween party. We had crazy weather here this morning making for a very interesting party but it turned out great. I dropped Baylor and Cooper off at school and then headed to Target. I needed to get a few things and get my Target fix and then was going to run to Sams to get cupcakes before the party. While I was at Target the storm sirens started to go off and Tom and Mimi were calling to see where I was. I had everything for the party in my car already so I just headed to preschool and hung out in the basement with all the kids from 9:30 until the party started. The storm came pretty quickly and I was glad I made it in to school before the downpour started. Even though we had to do the whole party in the basement the kids had fun. We had two crafts, played three games and had a snack. They also got to carve a pumpkin and sing Halloween songs. They were all so sweet and very happy during the party. Parker was very busy at school and very noisy. He may not be able to go with me to the Christmas party:). Cooper brought little presents to his teachers and he was so proud. They were all so sweet to him, he is lucky to have such nice teachers!

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