Saturday, October 16, 2010

Becktoberfest 2010

How cute are they?
He really got into the shark costume.
He is a jumping machine.
Sarah and Nolan. Thanks for the great party.
Drew and Baylor showing off their muscles.
Tom and Austin hanging out with Jack. Jack was looking for a drink of Pepsi.
I am so thankful for Jamie, she is such a great friend!
Parker was so happy in the swing. He was laughing so hard and was all smiles.
Baylor, Maddy, Andy and Brian playing ball.
Andy was a great Eeyore.
Nolan was Tigger.
Coop and Brian going on a little walk.
All the kids.
They had so much fun.
Our friends from church hosted a Halloween party at their farm. It was such a beautiful day and a great evening. The kids all wore costumes and had so much fun playing. Baylor was a police officer, Cooper was a shark, and Parker was Nemo. The Beck's had a bounce house, games, and lots of crafts for the kids. Cooper bounced almost the entire time and did take a break for crafts. Baylor played with Maddy and Drew and had so much fun. Sarah made so many tasty treats and there was even a caramel apple bar. The boys loved making their own apple and adding toppings. We had so much fun down on the farm.

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