Friday, October 29, 2010

Baylor's School Halloween Party

Baylor's class with Mrs. Rose.
They looked so cute!
Baylor, Mason, and Drake.
Baylor loves Lilly.
His table working on their craft.
Go Baylor.
Getting the loot.
They enjoyed playing the games.
Pumpkin bowling was a big hit.
Baylor's class had eighteen parents sign up to help with parties this year so needless to say there was lots of help. At the first meeting they broke the parents into groups and I got assigned to the Halloween and Christmas parties. Baylor was excited for the party and happy to have me come and help. He helped me put the treat bags together and get all the games ready. He also helped me get the crafts all put together. Since he is morning kindergarten they have a small costume parade where they go through the other kindergarten room, first grade, and second grade classes. Next year he will love the whole school parade outside, it is such a fun time! He wore his cowboy costume and looked so handsome. All of the kids looked so cute in their costumes and had fun putting them on with their friends. The kids first made a picture frame and did a magic scratch picture. We then went outside and did a ghost pinata. One of the other moms made the ghost pinata and it was so cute. It was full of candy and little toys. It was chilly out but the sun was shining so we were able to do the pinata outside. The kids had a snack and then played three games, pumpkin bowling, bone toss, and ring toss on the witches' hats. It was a fun day at school with friends.

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