Monday, October 11, 2010

Indian Summer

He was quite happy to just sit in the ride ons. He thought he was a big deal!
Fall fun!
Going on a hike!
Leaf boy!
He would count before going down, 1,2,3!
There were moments when they got along today! Moments may be a stretch but they could be spotted.
Parker wanted to help rake.
Baylor was teaching him how to rake.
Pretty colors in the back yard.
He was so sweaty and had such a red face.
While Baylor was at school the little boys and I ran to the grocery and tried to unpack and catch up on laundry. It was a gorgeous day here so we took advantage of the weather and played outside before and after lunch. The boys were at each other from the time they woke up this morning and fought all day, but being outside seemed to help a little:). I think they were still tired from vacation and then an early morning and getting back into a normal routine made for two crabby brothers who were not happy with each other all day. Cooper knocked over one of Baylor's Mr. Potato heads so Baylor hit him with his cast and then Coop scratched Baylor and so he has a huge scratch on his poor little face. Same days you just don't know what to do but take a deep breath:). We all enjoyed being outside and took a little hike in the woods. The trees are changing and some of them are so pretty. It has been so dry for so long that some of them don't seem as bright, but they still look pretty. We raked piles of leaves and played in them and made a pile at the end of the slide. I always love to spend time outside in the fall on nice days because I know how precious the time is before winter comes and we are stuck! We want to hang on to these days for as long as we can:).

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