Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sharmin's Birthday Lunch

Coop wanted to sit by the birthday girl. He was happy he didn't have to sit in a high chair, he really needs one though. He ends up getting up:).
Baylor and Sweetie.

Parker was very noisy at lunch.
He was trying to clar the table.
Baylor helped Sharmin with her presents. He made her some things too.
She was so excited!
Happy Birthday Sharmin!
After church Mimi, the boys and I went to El Jaripeo with Sharmin, Sweetie, and Roshen to celebrate Sharmin's birthday. Tom left on a trip, Pop went to hear Joe in a competition in D.C. and Mecwan was preaching in Chicago so we went without the men. Sharmin is such a sweet girl and has grown up so much since she moved here. She is so sincere and fun to be around! I can't believe she is a Senior! The boys had so much fun with the girls at lunch and were so busy. Sharmin loved her presents and had fun.

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