Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

The boys and their pumpkins.
Daddy's pumpkin.
He was so serious.
Coop with his pumpkin.
Daddy is a great carver.
Coop lost interest along the way and did a little playing in the garage.
He cleaned out his pumpkin all by himself.
The garage is the perfect spot for carving.
Excited brothers.
Tonight we carved our pumpkins. The boys picked which one they wanted to carve and then got right to work. They were so excited. They both enjoyed scooping out the inside and had fun getting messy. Coop picked Tigger for his pumpkin and Baylor wanted to do his all by himself. He added some shapes to his. Afterwards he decided his was not as good so he wanted to do it again on Sunday with Pop. He worked forever though and was so proud. The tools we had this year were perfect for him and he did great. Our pumpkins looked so good!

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