Thursday, September 2, 2010

All the Better to...

SEE you with!
He did good with all the letters and numbers.
Cooper had a sucker and watched Tom and Jerry on my phone. He was talking to Dr. Austin here.
Baylor was really happy that Daddy was home and could fix the chain on his bike. Mommy couldn't do it and he was sad that he couldn't ride all week.
All is right when Daddy is home with us, our family is complete!
This morning we dropped Baylor off at kindergarten and then I took the little boys with me to Kroger and Sam's Club. This was my first time to take the two little ones shopping by myself when I was actually getting things. We went to Kroger to get King's Island tickets and I put Coop in the cart and carried Parker. Thankfully it was a quick trip. Sam's Club thankfully has big carts that fit two kids in the front. I brought Clorox wipes and did a total wipe down of the cart in the parking lot since Parker has never really sat in a cart without his floppy seat. Parker and Cooper did so good sitting by each other and we were able to get everything we needed and actually fit it in the cart. We came home and unloaded and did some laundry and then went to get Baylor. The morning sure does go by fast! We hurried home and ate lunch and then headed to the eye doctor. Baylor had his yearly exam today and did a great job. His eyes look great and he had a good report. The little boys were in the double stroller and did pretty good while we were there. We left just in time because Cooper was really ready to get out. When we came home we played outside until nap time. We were all so happy because Daddy got home right before dinner. We have missed him so much this week. He was gone for four days which makes for a really long week. We did pretty good this week, thanks to the extra help from Mimi and Pop, but it just feels right and complete when we are all home together. We are looking forward to a fun long weekend.

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