Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

They love to play in the water fort area. It is fun when the big bucket dumps.
Over the few days he got really fast at getting across.
He liked to hop across with help. Daddy and I took turn being the one to help.
He loved the little slides because he could go by himself.
Baylor liked them too, but prefered the big ones.
Parker liked to watch.
The outdoor pool is fun too. Water water everywhere!
Splashing around.
All ready to head home, what a great weekend.
We were able to spend more time playing and swimming at the water park today. We woke up and the boys went to get McDonald's with Daddy and we all ate in the room before heading out for the day. The boys were able to do all the slides and special water things again before we left. We even spent some time in the sun at the outdoor pool. We stayed until 2:00pm and then drove home around nap time. Parker slept the entire way home and the big boys both took a nap too. It made for a quick ride home! It was so beautiful when we got home that we all played outside until dinner. The boys had fun playing football with Daddy and we took a bike ride to Mimi and Pop's house. We had a fun Labor Day and loved having Daddy home for a long weekend.

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