Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pearly Whites

His six year molars are coming in and his front teeth are getting loose.
He brought his dragon with him.
Getting all nice and shiny.
Great Job.
We were the first appointment after their lunch break so we were hanging out enjoying the nice weather. We used to be at this office all the time when Daddy worked there.
We had our dental checkups today with Dr. Ebeyer. Tom was originally going with us to get the whole family done on the same day but then had a meeting and could not go. Thankfully Mimi was able to watch Parker and the dental office could see us all at the same time. The boys both went to their rooms like big boys. I was on the end and could hear them the whole time. Cooper was seriously cracking me up. He insisted on watching Buzz, surprise, and was telling the hygienist about all the characters and that Zurg was mean. Everyone had a great checkup and we are all cavity free. The boys loved their new Woody toothbrushes and treat bags making our trip a huge success.

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