Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cooper's First Day of Preschool

Cooper's first day of preschool.
His Toy Story backpack.
He was excited to open his presents.
He got a Diego Halloween "moosie" and an ABC book.
This was his excited for school look:)
Cooper and Mrs. Steele at school before going in to class.
He got a certificate for a great first day.
Mimi and Pop got him a new Lightning McQueen bike for his first day. He needed a bike his size so he could ride with his bubby. Can you tell he was excited? He loves his new bike.
Today was Cooper's first day of preschool. He has been so excited to get to got to his school just like bubby. He is in the primary class and will go on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We have really been talking up school and all that he will do there but this morning he was still saying he didn't want to go by himself. Since he has been in the car for close to three years dropping and picking up Baylor from school he knows the routine and that really helped when we were preparing him for the big day. When he got to school he waved to his teachers and got out of the car without any trouble at all. He was so excited to wear his backpack and to take it to his school. I can't believe he is already in preschool. He was a newborn when Baylor started primary and now he is the big boy. When I got to school they were on the playground and he was having fun playing with the other kids. When he got in the car he was all smiles and happy. Mrs. Steele said he had a good day and that he had fun. I hope he has a great year and makes new friends, listens, follow directions, and has fun learning. We love you Cooper, our new preschool student!

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d_freestone said...

GO COOPER!!!! You looked GREAT on your first day of Preschool!! Any teacher would be thrilled to have you for her student!