Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 9 Months Parker!

Happy 9 Months Sweet Baby Boy of Mine!
You are pulling up and like to stand in your bed.
You love to play!
You are such a happy boy.
I love your open mouth smile.
You are still my toothless wonder.
You have officially outgrown the bouncy seat and now sit in your jumper or exersaucer when I get ready.
Parker today you are nine months old. I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. You are truly a wonderful baby. We often tease that you are at angel status and have a halo or wings. You are so happy all the time and are so easy going. You smile like crazy and are so friendly with other people. Your big brothers are your biggest fans and you think they are the best. You will laugh and giggle like crazy when they are acting silly. You are really on the move now and are still sporting the army crawl but you sure are fast. You rock on all fours and will take one or two advances on all fours but always go back to the army way. It is so funny to watch how you keep your left leg straight and then use your right let to push you across the floor. You love to play and still like any toys that move or make noise. You are really starting to like anything with wheels. You are trying to pull up to all the tables and chairs and can open cabinets and drawers. You are crazy for the T.V. cabinet, DVD player, receiver, etc. The buttons seem to lure you right in and you can't get enough of them. We have to make sure all the little toys are put up because you put everything right in your mouth. You are a great eater and like eating at the table with the rest of us. For breakfast you have a fruit and cereal, for lunch a veggie and fruit, and for dinner a veggie and fruit. You usually have a sippy cup with water at meal times and I think you really like to play with it more than drink it. You still don't have any teeth, but I know you are going to love puffs and biter biscuits when they come in. I have thought they were ready with all the drooling and chewing, but it won't be long. You still nurse several times a day and at night. Let's just say the only area where your angel wings may not be granted is at night when it comes to sleeping. We are still working on getting you to sleep all night in your own bed. I must say I do enjoy cuddling with you though. I know all too soon you will be bigger and I cherish all the special moments I get with you. You are now wearing size 5 diapers and mainly 18 months in clothes. Some of your summer outfits are getting snug so it is a good thing fall weather will be here soon. I haven't weighed you recently but I think you are still 24-25 pounds. You still have all those sweet rolls that I love! This month you moved up to a big boy car seat which I call your throne. It is a massive seat with lots of padding and truly fit for a king. You like sitting up better and I know you will love it when you can finally turn around. You are talking more and more and say mama and dada and lots of other really important words that are meant only for your baby friends. You love to tell me long stories and I just talk right back. You have started giving kisses when we ask and you love to give big open mouth kisses on my face. You also love love love to play peek a boo and so big. You are quite proud of yourself. We are still reading books everyday but you prefer to eat them. We will get you to love reading too. You love it when we sing to you and your favorites are still By Oh Baby, Jesus Loves Me, How Much is that Doggie, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and I Love You. It is so sweet when you are crying in the car and Cooper says I know what will make him happy and he sings By Oh Baby. He loves you so and is a good big brother too. Baylor is always looking out for you and will rescue you and play with you when you are stuck in the pack n play while I get ready. You sure are one lucky boy to have two big brothers. Parker you truly are such a joy and have made your family so happy. We love having you in our family and feel so so blessed. We Love You Parker Thomas!


pshadday said...

Mimi and Poppy love you so also. You are a joy to be with. We love our 3 little musketeers!!!

d_freestone said...

Parker, I LOVE the pictures your mommy included in this entry. You DO look like a very happy little guy. I look forward to meeting you some day!!