Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating with Ethan at Chuckie Cheese

It was Parker's turn to have some fun.
He was so happy to be out of the stroller.
Oh skeeball how I love you.
The sweet birthday boy.
They were so cute holding hands on this ride together.
He loved the car! What a sweet smile.
Riding the horse.
He loved watching B play basketball.
Go Ethan.
The flying bike is a big hit.
Mimi, the boys, and I met Jen and Ethan at Chuckie Cheese after school to extend the birthday celebration. The boys were so excited to go and play games and have fun. They all had such a great time. Ethan loved the rides and was so cute. He just smiled and smiled. I let Parker ride a car a few times too and he thought it was pretty great. He was smiling and making his happy sounds. Mimi played skeeball with the boys and they also played basketball several times. All the boys ended up with a basketball from Mimi at the prize counter. Somehow we always end up with something that is worth more than the tickets we have accumulated. After eating and playing until we were out of tokens we all headed to TJ Maxx to look around. It was a great day and we loved spending it with our favorite one year old!

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