Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cooking Round Two

The stuffed shells were tasty.
All the ingredients plus 1 egg.
Ready for the oven. The recipe is really easy and it only takes 25 minutes to bake.
The salad recipe is from Kraft Recipes. This web site has lots of yummy things I want to try.
Parker sat in his high chair and was so good while I was cooking. The other two brothers were trying to get along, imagine that!
He tried a Mum Mum, he was quite happy.
Baylor thought it was good.
He was also a fan of the french bread.

Tonight was the only night of the week that we were all going to be home for dinner so I was ready to cook. Daddy has been gone since Sunday afternoon and was driving home from Michigan and got home right in time for dinner. Tonight I made stuffed shells (recipe found here http://www.megduerksen.typepad.com/), apple gorgonzola salad, and rice krispie treats. The shells were very easy to make and were quite tasty. Cooper who is a picky eater said they were delicious and Baylor liked them too. Baylor really loved the salad and ate three bowls of salad. It was pretty close to the Buca salad and the dressing was yummy. Overall week two was a success, now I just have to start thinking about next week:).

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d_freestone said...

All right Jessie!!! I am proud of your attempts AND successes in the cooking department. Items like the stuffed shells can be stuffed ahead of time and frozen so when you need a few, all you have to add is the sauce and the cheese on top.