Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Broken Bone

He was worn out and they gave him a nice warm blanket.
He stayed asleep while he was getting a cast.
He was happy it was green. They said this is a very common bike accident break in children.
Before the cast.
He was pretty worried.
Tom kept sending me pictures to let me know he was doing good.
Showing off his cast this morning.
Cooper said it was a big bandaid.
Playing his new DS.
We have now been to the ER three times in three months. This time however the patient was Baylor, the big brother. Last night Parker and I met Daddy at the golf course for the dinner and auction. The boys stayed home with Katie and were so excited because they have missed her since she started her nursing job at Riley. When we got home Baylor said his arm hurt. He had fallen while riding his bike and put his arm out to catch his fall. Katie put ice on it and thought it was bruised and Baylor never cried and played fine. Tom went up to give the boys a shower so they would be ready for church while I changed Parker and started a load of laundry for Tom for his trip. Tom came downstairs and said I was messing with Baylor's arm and I really think he broke it. He said he felt a sixth sense telling him it was broken. I called our pediatrician who was on call and she told us to take him in. Since it was late and the little boys were ready for bed I stayed home with them and Tom and Baylor headed to Riley. Baylor was upset and crying at this point not because his arm was hurting but because he had to go to the hospital and he was worried he was getting a shot. When they got there they put his arm in a sling and Baylor said it felt better and he could go. Tom said it was really crowded but they got Baylor to Xrays pretty quickly. He ended up having a greenstick fracture in his right arm. They put a green cast on him and he slept the whole time they put it on. He woke up right after and was hysterical and wanted it off. He was so tired since at this point it was in the middle of the night. Tom kept texting me and sending me pictures of him so I could see how he was doing. It was hard not being there and I stayed up until he got home. They finally got home at 5:00 am. It was a long night. We are so thankful we went to Riley because there was an orthopedic surgeon on call and they were able to cast it right away. Some places would have put a splint on and then we would have scheduled the cast. Baylor goes back in a week and a half to the cast clinic for a check and to add more fiberglass where it is split to allow for swelling. It is going to be a long four weeks with a cast. He is most upset that he cannot participate in gym, recess, or physical activity for one week. The best part of the ordeal for him was that Daddy took him to Best Buy this morning to get a DS. We are hoping we are done with the ER for a long long long time!!!!

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d_freestone said...

Poor Baylor!!! ANY broken bone is no fun!!! Trips to the ER are no fun, that is for sure! Thank goodness for texting, eh?