Thursday, September 23, 2010

Final Basket Night

Basket maker in training.
He loved playing peek a boo with the roll of shrink wrap while we had our tasty dessert. Mimi always has dinner and dessert for everyone before we start.
There are baskets everywhere. My old bedroom is now full to the brim.
The downstairs parlor is at capacity.
Miss Emily is new to the basket crew this year. She is so fun and loves to shrink the baskets.
Mama stays with mom on Thursday nights while Papa works at the food pantry so she was at all the basket meetings. Brenda and Mama were the bow ladies. They also sang to Parker to keep him happy so I could work on baskets. They do a great version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
The care bear basket is so cute.
Elaine, Emily, and EAnn.
Tina is hard at work.
Lynn also works on the program and helps with the computer stuff the night of the event.
Over the past few weeks Thursday night has been designated as basket night. A group of ladies meet at mom's house to work on assembling and shrink wrapping the baskets. There are so many great items and her house is full. Last night was our last night to have a big group work on the baskets. We are still getting more items that are coming in but the majority of the items and baskets are finished. The big night is a little over a month away and the tickets are basically sold out! Mimi works so hard to make this night a success and raise money for the food pantry. There are so many people who put in lots of time and effort to help with this wonderful event.

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