Friday, September 24, 2010


They had fun cheering for the Dragons.
Coop and Daddy. Coop had a mouth full of chips:)
This was after he tripped on the concrete and scraped his nose and head. I seriously need bubble wrap!
My biggest boy and my littlest boy, oh how I love them!
Mr. Eli looking handsome like always!
Gabrielle and Kim.
The boys were happy to see Sarah!
Watching the pre game festivities.
Since Tom was out of town for three days this week I didn't think we were going to be able to attend homecoming this year and I was really sad. I enjoy going to the football game, but I love going on homecoming for the pork burgers:)! Tom was able to get an earlier flight home from Dallas and was home in time for the game. We ended up meeting up with friends at the game and had a great time. Cooper liked the band and cheerleaders, Baylor loved watching the game, Parker was watching everyone, and Tom and I loved the food. It felt like a perfect fall football night and the Dragons won 49-6!

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