Monday, September 27, 2010

Basketball Craze

He had fun bouncing and watching.
He's really good at playing with one arm.
Resting in his ball cage.
We had all three goals going. On the way home from school we stopped at the car wash and swept out the inside. My poor van was so dirty.
He is loving the goal. It was the boy's birthday present from us.
Go Baylor!
He had fun too.
Hanging out on my mound of laundry. It's all done and his closet is cleaned and organized. Only two more to go.

On Thursday our new basketball goal was put in and the boys are so excited. Over a week ago they dug the hole and poured the cement and then we had to wait for it to dry. The boys would look out the window each morning to check if it was there. I'm not sure if they thought it would magically appear overnight. It was a great fall day so after school and lunch we played outside until nap. It was so nice to enjoy the beautiful day. I was also able to keep laundry going all day since I was washing all the fall/winter clothes for Parker that were stored in the attic. Tom was gone so Mimi had us over for dinner which was a big help.

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