Friday, September 17, 2010

Colts Blue Cast

Off with this green cast.
Checking out the new cast.
Looking good with a new blue cast.
Baylor had an appointment at the Riley cast clinic bright and early this morning. He was sad to miss school this morning but excited to get to go with Daddy. They wanted to check out his arm and see how it was healing and were going to close the split down the middle. Tom talked to the doctor about a waterproof cast since we are going to Disney and the doctor thought it would be fine with his break. His old cast came off and he got a new Colts blue waterproof cast. He loves the color and it is so nice that he can shower, swim, and wash his hands without worrying about getting his cast wet. He gets his cast off on October 15, Cooper's 3rd birthday. He was worried he would miss all of the birthday fun but we assured him that he will be there for the birthday activities.

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