Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

He's a strong boy!
Coop loved going on the slides with Daddy.
Riding the big snake with Daddy.
Having so much fun!
He loved the "wazy riser".
Coop in the waterfall.
He loved riding the waves in the wave pool.
We all had fun going on the slides.
Coop took his nap at the pool and Daddy held him the whole time.
He lounged in his raft.
We love Great Wolf!
We had a great time!
He was such a good good baby.
Coop did so good hopping across the path.
He took three naps at the pool.
The arcade was fun and a nice little break.
Coop is following in my footsteps. He loves ski ball too:)
Go Baylor.
The family raft ride is so much fun. We would holler yeehaw cowboy:)
He liked to splash in the water, but he mostly liked to watch his big brothers.
All 5 of us hurried and took showers and got our jammies on to make it to storytime and the clock tower show. It is so cute!
Coop stuffing his dragon.
Ready to sleep with his new pal.
Everyone was up early and ready for a great day of fun. We went to the breakfast buffet at the lodge and then were at the pool right when it opened. We spent the day sliding, splashing, swimming, and playing. We all had so much fun and enjoyed our time at the water park. We took a break before dinner to play in the arcade and take a rest. We ate at the poolside buffet and then swam until bedtime. Before bed we went to story time at the tree and stuffed a dragon to sleep with. It was a great great day!

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