Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morning Fun

Bat Boys.
Coop's pants were off after one of his trips to the potty. He was too hot to put them back on, all that playing makes you toasty.
He's the cutest cashier I know!
He was busy watching his brother and having so much fun.
He has started to pull up on things and is opening doors and cabinets. We are busy busy watching this little one.

The little boys had a fun morning playing together in their matching Halloween pajamas that Mimi got for them. I was folding laundry in the family room while they were playing and it was so fun to watch them. Cooper was working in the grocery store and was selling things to Parker and I for a million bucks. It was the most expensive fake fruits and vegetables ever. He was also making cookies and having me try them. We also read lots of books before getting ready for the day. Cooper wanted to leave his Halloween jammies on all day but I talked him into getting dressed with a little candy corn:).

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