Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Ready to eat! It smelled so good.
All the ingredients. I think I want a spice rack for Christmas, crazy huh?
I loved the sour cream, chips, and cheese on the top.
He liked it!
Pappaw and his new bike.
What a busy and productive day today. This morning I took Baylor to kindergarten, Cooper to preschool, and then Parker and I headed to Sam's Club and the grocery. I needed to get a few things for dinner and lots of things for the big birthday party on Saturday. I also needed to go by the doctor and get my flu shot, but they were doing them at Sam's so I got mine there which was much quicker. All of us now have our flu shots for the year, yeah! Mimi was so helpful and took Baylor for the day so I could work at home on finishing Parker's closet, getting things ready for the party, do laundry, clean the house, and start on Cooper's closet. It is so much easier to get things done when Baylor and Cooper are not fighting with each other, imagine that! I needed an easy recipe for today and I found this chicken tortilla soup recipe here,, and I thought it looked yummy and easy. I ended up making mine in the crock pot and it was so delicious. It was really spicy but the sour cream and tortilla chips toned down the spice. Tom and I both loved it and he said he could eat it every week. I made tacos for the boys because it was definitely too hot for them. Baylor took a bite and he said his mouth was on fire. So far I have cooked a new recipe four weeks in a row, but next week will be a week off since we are going to Disney!!! I actually have enjoyed making new things and have added some cooking items to my Christmas list for Tom. He is calling me Emeril, I think I would rather be Giadda! After dinner Pappaw drove his new motorcycle over to show Tom and the boys. He is so excited and his bike is really nice. The boys liked looking at it, but they will definitely not be riding it!:) Pappaw is planning on going on a long trip with one of his good friends on their bikes. It was one of his bucket list items and he is really looking forward to it. Before going in for the night we played a little basketball outside. We are all enjoying the new goal.

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d_freestone said...

Congratulations Jessie on another wonderful dinner! I am very glad that you are enjoying cooking! I find it can be MOST relaxing! All of the pictures of the boys are sooo darling! Parker and Cooper have grown up SO much, in one year!