Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baylor Volunteers at Food Pantry

Baylor helped with the bread.
He helped mark by putting x's on boxes and items. He said he was glad he was good at making x's.
Baylor and Roshen. She is such a prayer warrior and prays for my family all the time. She is always asking how the boys are and is so sincere!
Helping Mr. Don. Mr. Don is one of my favorite men at our church, what a sweet Godly man!
Baylor thinks Miss Brenda is fun and loves to hear about her doggies.
Mr. Joe is so nice to all the boys. He was a big help to Baylor.
Lately Wednesday nights seem to be the busiest night of the week with all special events taking place. Tom had a work dinner to attend and I had a room parent meeting, joy jammers, and bible study and all three boys. Mimi had to work at the food pantry and Pop had to work late so I was a little in a bind. I could take the boys with me to church for them to play in the playland with a sitter, but Baylor is supposed to be taking it easy with his arm this week. The whole take it easy task is really hard when you are a five year old, soon to be six, little boy with lots and lots of energy! Mimi asked Baylor to go help at the food pantry and he was beyond excited. He has been before to the food pantry to work when it wasn't open and has helped and watched us make baskets through the years. He is so funny when he talks about items that go together and how they would make a good basket. He says, "Mimi is always thinking baskets, baskets, baskets". This may be where his fascination with a bow on every package comes from. Baylor helped mark food, tear down boxes, stack shelves, and fill bags. He had so much fun and it was such a great experience for him. Mimi's Wednesday night team has some of my favorite people from my church and they are all so sweet. Baylor wants to go every time with Mimi from now on and made her promise she won't leave him behind. What a great way for a little boy to develop a servant's heart and feel like he is making a difference even though he is a child.

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d_freestone said...

What a GREAT experience for Baylor! This will be a most special time for he and Mimi....