Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Parker's first Dragon football game.
I love football and am loving the song "The Boys of Fall" by Kenny Chesney. If you haven't watched the YouTube video of this song do it now.
He was all about the popcorn and the cheerleaders.
Go Katie!
She did a great job cheering on the Dragons.
Aunt Anne, Neal, and Cooper.
I saw one of my all time favorite students who I had when she was in first and second grade and is now a sophomore! Parker went right to Emily, he knows a good girl when he sees one:)
Emily is such a sweetheart!
The boys were happy to see Sarah too!
She was having fun with her friends.
Coop and Cody.
The helicopter landed close right on the soccer field.
What a fun night!
We went to the high school football game tonight to cheer on the might New Palestine Dragons. The boys were excited to go to the football game and spend the night outside. We were excited to go and watch Katie cheer at halftime with the cheer clinic too. It was a big night at the game and very crowded. When we first got there the Channel 6 helicopter was landing and the boys were so excited to watch. It was a great way to start the game for them. We sat with Aunt Anne, Neal, Cody, and Grant and the boys had so much fun. Cooper was very happy with the food and Baylor was into watching the game. Park sat on my lap the whole time and was so good. When everyone would clap or cheer he would get so excited and pump his arms and clap. Katie was so cute cheering and did such a great job. It was fun to watch all the little girls out there in their red and white. We all had such a great time and enjoyed seeing lots of friends, family, teachers, and some of my students. We left at the beginning of the fourth quarter and the score was 41-7 so I am pretty sure the Dragons ended with a win!

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