Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baylor's Scrimmage

Our little football player.
Great Job Baylor.
Daddy and Baylor.
Our family. We are proud of you Baylor.
Mimi and Pop came to cheer on Baylor.
Mammaw, Pappaw, Aunt Anne, and Neal came too.
Baylor Hurst on the tackle!
Go Buddy!
Hanging with Dad on the sidelines.
Baylor in action.
Pop and Coop tackled on the side lines.
He loves football, can't you tell?
Getting a little pep talk from Dad.
So cute in his uniform.
Blocking drills.
Knees up!
After four weeks of practice Baylor's football season ended with a scrimmage. The team did drills at the beginning to show off the skills they worked on and learned. Afterwards they had a scrimmage game for a little over an hour. Baylor ended up enjoying football, but I'm not sure he will want to play again next year. The helmet and mouth piece were still not his favorite! He had some great tackles in the scrimmage game and ran really hard. Great Job B Man!

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