Monday, September 20, 2010

Mama and Papa celebrate with Ethan

Papa and Baylor.
Jen and Ethan.
This should be titled where's Coop. He kept running out of the picture.
This is proof Cooper was with us.
Ethan played piano with Mama. He loved it!

Mama and Papa were not able to attend Ethan's party because Mama was still recovering from an eye procedure. She was still having trouble seeing and her eyes are sensitive to light. They wanted to give Ethan his presents and celebrate his big day. Jen and Ethan met me and the boys at their house after school. I brought McDonald's, the only thing close by on the way, and we all ate lunch together. Ethan loved his tractor, books, and cute outfit. The boys had fun playing and seeing Mama and Papa. The big boys played upstairs with the karaoke machine and were being in a band. It was too funny. They were sad when they learned the pool was closed for the season. After Baylor broke his arm Papa went ahead and had it closed. It is sad to think we won't swim again for so long. We had so much fun there this summer and enjoyed our time at the pool.

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