Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dad's Breakfast and Golf Outing

Tom and Carl golfed together.
Eli is such a happy little guy. He loved watching all the kids play.
Parker had fun with Andi.
Nicole held Parker while Eli was being Mr. Social.
He was walking all over the place.
Coop loves Carl and Eli.
They all sat in one booth. It was quite a group.
He is so adorable.
She is so sweet.
They had fun with their dads.

Today was the Matt Folkening golf outing that Tom plays in every year. It is a tradition that he goes to breakfast with some of his friends and they take the kids. As the number of kids has grown the group has gotten smaller but they have so much fun. This morning Tom, Baylor, and Cooper, met Carl and Eli and Brian and Gabrielle and Lynlee at Cafe 52 for breakfast. The boys had fun and I'm pretty sure they were all quite busy! They sat beside two of our old high school teachers and they were laughing at how chaotic it is for these guys with all these sweet little ones. After breakfast Tom headed to the outing and it ended up being a great day. It was raining in the morning but stopped and was cooler and a very nice day. Tonight I met Tom at the golf course with Parker for the dinner and auction. We had fun visiting with friends and spending time together.

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