Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Early Birthday Present!

Oh the anticipation.
Park had fun watching all the excitement.
Thanks Mammaw and Pappaw!
Can you find Coop?
With Tom's crazy schedule we have not had many nights free to visit Mammaw and Pappaw. They have also been traveling or at the river but were able to come tonight for dinner. Tom ordered Cafe 52 and we all had tasty meals. The boys were very happy with chicken legs and green beans. Since the boys get lots of presents at their birthday party they went ahead and brought their present and let them open it early. The boys were so excited and were jumping up and down. Baylor was really happy that the box had two big bows. They got a Little Tikes Give Me Five Sports Center. It is so neat and has basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and hockey. Pappaw and Daddy put it together and they did a little test playing, scary, in the family room. They love their present and I know it will be used lots and lots outside.

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