Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Fun at Conner Prairie

He wasn't too sure of the grass.
Look Mom!
They helped gather wood after he chopped it.
Trying to pull the cart, it was a little too heavy.
Mimi and Parker.
Playing checkers.
This is a great place to let the boys run and play.
It is so pretty, peaceful, and fun.
The boys are so spoiled with these barn animals. They are so gentle and let the kids come right up to them.
This goat was climbing back into his pen to get more hay.
Brushing the cow.
This goat was getting Parker, he was not too sure.
They were "cooking" in the Indian camp.
He was going to take a nap.
Smashing acorns for their stew. It was tasty!
It was so nice out today and we love to go to Conner Prairie in the fall so we went and had so much fun today. We didn't have a class and Baylor didn't have school so we did not have to rush and were able to go earlier. We ate lunch outside at Conner Prairie and then started our day. We spent lots of time in the barn with the animals which is always a favorite. We also went in all the houses and the boys had fun listening to the people and learning new things. The potter's shop was a hit and the school house. Baylor also had fun playing checkers with Mommy and Mimi. Before we went home we stopped at the apple store for a slush and a caramel apple. It was another good day at Conner Prairie.

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