Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Lunch with Jen

Happy Birthday!
Ethan had tubes put in his ears yesterday and everything went great. His Mommy and Daddy were really nervous! We are so thankful that it went well, we love him so much!
He is my little cuddle bug.
Jen leaves for Florida on Saturday. She can take some of her new things to the beach:)
He was a happy boy.
Ethan loves the boys and is always watching them. Baylor helped keep him occupied so Jen could feed him. He thinks he is too big for baby food now.
Shopping buddies.

After school we went and picked up Mimi and met Jenny and Ethan downtown at Acapulco Joe's to celebrate her birthday. We all had a great lunch and they sang Happy Birthday to her on the speaker. The song repeats several times and the boys thought it was quite fun. She opened her presents and Baylor and Cooper helped. Cooper is so excited for his birthday he can barely stand celebrating someone else's special day:) After lunch we walked to T.J. Maxx and the mall. It was a nice day outside and there was a great breeze making it so nice to walk outside. The boys did great and had fun walking downtown. Mimi bought all the boys matching Halloween jackets to wear in the fall. She also got Baylor and Cooper a cute dinosaur and shark costume. We still love to dress up around here!

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