Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Children's Museum

He was thrilled to ride the carousel!
He was happy.
We rode three times in a row and never had to get off.
He was busy building. Some of the glass pieces were bigger than him.
He worked hard to fill in the whole top.
I think he wonders how Ethan made it out of the stroller.
Playing dinos.
He was being a scary dinosaur.
Checking out the fossils.
Baylor loves Ethan!
After school and the orchard Mimi, the boys, and I met Jen and Ethan at the Children's Museum. The boys were so excited to go and have been begging to go for a few weeks. We ate lunch first since Baylor was starving from being at school. Ethan was so cute during lunch playing peek a boo with me at the table. He is so sweet. We are one busy group with four little boys at lunch time but I sure am crazy about them all! Our first stop was the dinosaur exhibit. It seriously was not crowded at all and we had the dino play area all to ourselves. Ethan thought he was big stuff walking around like the big boys. After playing with dinosaurs and pretending to be dinosaurs we headed to the train exhibit. We all had fun there and got several tickets for our favorite destinations. We also went to the glass area, Science Works, and the carousel. The boys talked Mimi into stopping in the gift shop before we left where all four boys got a toy. We all had a great day and loved our time at the museum.

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