Friday, September 24, 2010

Mega Party

He loved the party.
In the car on the way there he was worried because he was afraid he had to get a shot, I have no idea where he thought mega party meant shot:)
Baylor and Maddy
Katie and Baylor
Cody and Baylor
Baylor had fun with Ty.
Baylor's friend from his class. He talks about him all the time so I was glad to meet him.
Baylor's school had a fundraiser to help raise money to renovate the school playground and update some of the equipment. He was supposed to sell cookie dough or entertainment books and if you sold $100 worth of items you got a special golden ticket. Well who wouldn't want a golden ticket? Baylor came home excited and eager to sell. He sold to us and Mimi:), let's just say we have lots of coupons at our house! The ticket allowed you to attend the mega party. It was held after school for an hour and a half. Since he is am kindergarten I took him back and stayed with him during the party. The kids all had fun and it was a big success. They got popcorn and snow cones. There was a dj with music and dancing, bounce houses, and a big slide. It was a fun time for all the kids.

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d_freestone said...

I was just looking at some pictures of when Parker was born and Baylor has grown up SOOOO much! He looks so mature...I LOVE IT!