Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mops Play Date

We had to drink and eat fast because of the bees.
He was happy to hold an apple.
Future buds.
I love them.
Becky and Hudson.
Erika and her little girl who wanted to run.
Conner having some cider.
He enjoyed the corn maze.
Hudson checked out the corn.
So did Coop.
Trying to take a shortcut.
This was early on when they knew the way.
Eager to start.
One of my jobs in Mops this year is to plan play dates and mom nights for the ladies throughout the year. Our first play date was today at Anderson Orchard. I planned the first date before Mops started and Wednesdays don't seem to be the best day so hopefully more moms and kids can come the next time. I dropped Baylor off at school and then hurried to the pediatrician for the little boys to get flu shots. We hurried to the orchard and were only a few minutes late. Becky and Hudson came and Erika and her little girl and boy. We found out when we got there that the trees were all picked so we went in the corn maze. Seriously I thought we would never make it out and I would be late getting Baylor. We hit every dead end and finally found the entrance again but never the exit. The corn was so tall and hard to see over. The kids had fun though and pretended they were solving a mystery. They each got a bag of apples and cider. We sat and had our snack and talked. It was a fun time and nice to meet a new mom and her sweet kids.

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