Friday, September 24, 2010

Apples, Apples, Apples

He loves John Deere.
Ready for a ride.
What a nice day.
He loves to paint. They dipped the erasers in paint to make apples on their trees.
They both love Miss Mary.
They got to help dry apples and put them on the string.
Parker was decked out in his Colts attire too.
The buckets were heavy.
He was having fun.
Lots of the apples were already on the ground, but he was able to reach high for some.
He was excited!

After school we went to Conner Prairie for a class all about apples. We started outside and went to Mrs. Zuckerman's farm to pick apples from the tree. Cooper was so excited to pick the apples. The boys helped fill the buckets and then carry them to the porch. They were using them to make all kinds of yummy treats. Apple pies, muffins, apple butter, etc. Inside we read an apple book, played a game, sang a song, had a snack, and painted our own apple trees. The boys loved painting and their trees turned out so cute. At the end of the class we went back outside for a wagon ride around the property. We were on the hunt for apples tree and we found several. Baylor and Cooper were quite happy that a John Deere tractor was pulling the wagon. We sang songs on the ride and had so much fun. After class we stopped at the apple store to make the apple day complete!

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