Friday, September 10, 2010

Horsin Around at Conner Prairie

They had so much fun playing.
They were very happy with all the butterlies that were flittering around the garden. If only they had their nets. Coop wanted me to run home and get them, I think it was a little too far:)
The well is oh so fun.
My crazy crew. Coop is yelling cheese!!! I think the whole prairie could hear.
While on the bench Park had a clothing change, let's just say the enchiladas were causing him to have some major explosions.
Mimi is his number one pal:)
He was checking out Bud and the chickens.
What a fun place.
Bud was a really nice horse.
We learned that Rose and Belle are no longer at Conner Prairie because they were elderly.
He loves Miss Mary and wants to talk to her all the time. I don't think he realizes there are 20 kids in the class.
Leading the way.
Pin the tail on the horse.
Horse shoes.
He was jumping like a horse.
They were trying to buck like a horse and of course they wanted to be up front.
Baylor's horse puppet turned out great.
He was sooo happy the craft included glue, he loves to glue:)
Busy singing.
After school we headed to Conner Prairie for a tykes class on one of our very favorite things, horses. The class was called horsin around and we sure did have fun. The boys read a book about horses, played games, pretended to be horses. made a craft, had a snack, and then got to visit Bud the horse out on the prairie. It was an absolutely beautiful day out and so fun to be outside. They loved visiting with the horse and hearing all about Bud. After class we walked around the prairie and went in some of the houses. We were basically the only ones there and had the place to ourselves. It was so peaceful and so pretty. The boys played in the garden area and with the water pump and buckets for the longest time and had so much fun pretending together. Mom, Park, and I sat on the bench and just watched and listened to them play. It was so fun. Afterwards we headed to the apple store before leaving to get the best caramel apples. They are so delicious and the caramel is to die for! The boys were happy campers on the way home with their apple slushies and caramel apples.

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